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You Need to Ask These Important Questions Before Franchising Your Company

You Need to Ask These Important Questions Before Franchising Your Company

Are you able to grow your small business and make it profitable? Are you getting out-of-town customers constantly asking when you will open a new location in their area? Do you feel bored with just one location that runs smoothly? Would you like to relive the excitement of your start-up days?

If you answered these questions with a resounding “Yes,” you may be ready to franchise. The key word here is “maybe.”

Is my presence a factor in my business?

This can be a problem for many service businesses, particularly those that started as one-person firms. Clients might prefer to work with someone who is a skilled hairdresser or graphic designer, not your employees who they feel are less skilled. It is impossible to Franchise for sale Sydney with just one of you.

This problem can be solved by franchising. You can train employees to offer the same services as you do. Create an operation manual to help them. The next step is to make your customers feel comfortable working with your employees, not with you. This can be done by charging more for personal services but less for employees’ services (as many hair salon owners do) or having employees take care of all your customers. At the same time, you continue to serve your regulars.

How to resolve disputes, terminate franchises, transfer or renew them

Is there a market outside of my area for my business idea?

Successful businesses in one state or city don’t necessarily translate to the rest of the country. Hawaiian shaved ice would be difficult to sell in Sydney. 

Is there a good supply of my target customers in other parts of the country?

Are there potential franchisees available in the area I’m interested in? An idea that requires white-collar experience in management might be more successful in a metro area than one that is rural.

Does your research before you decide to franchise?

Are the products I sell known in other parts of the country? Or will I need to educate people about my idea?

Am I willing to follow all rules and regulations to franchise a company?

Franchising can be complicated and is subject to regulation by Australian and state laws. Before purchasing a franchise, the franchisee must receive an Australia law from the franchisor. The this. It can often run to hundreds of pages. This document provides details about 23 aspects related to the franchise offering.

  • Both ongoing and initial costs
  • Any litigation in which the franchisor was involved
  • Background of the franchisor and key employees
  • List of former and current franchisees and locations
  • Three years’ worth of financial statements
  • As a franchisor, you have obligations (such as training or advertising support).

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