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Leave Management Made Easy

Leave Management

Even though you may have been in the pub business for a decade, it can be stressful to leave management.

Things can slip by if you manually track your team’s leave requests and balances. You’re setting yourself up to fail when you add that to the stress and wasted time.

There’s no better time than now to improve the management of your team’s leaves. Continue reading for some tips that will make leave management easy in 2020 and beyond.

Streamline time-off requests

You are used to handling time-off requests, no matter if you own a small independent pub or a chain coffee shops. If you still use sticky notes, multiple threads of text, or spreadsheets to collect these requests, it’s a waste of time and money.

Absences can actually cause substantial productivity losses every day that an employee is absent.

To streamline the requests of your employees for leave, you can use your workforce solution’s leave management software.

Your team should be empowered to manage their own leave. Your team should be clear about their entitlements and current balances. A digital leave management system can be used to track balances and provide transparency between managers and employees.

Eliminate the middleman. You can rest assured that your leave balances will be paid correctly by using a leave management software that can send your timesheet details directly to your payroll provider.

Simplify compliance

All employees in the United Kingdom have the right to one year of annual leave. Managers must be aware of how this applies to them. It will not be enough to do manual calculations. Businesses must adopt automated methods for managing entitlement number.

The Good Work Plan was also adopted by the UK Government. The plan allows employees who have been with the company for 26 weeks to request a set work schedule. A schedule employee would be an employee who works in a variety of shifts.

Holiday pay is currently based on a 12 week reference period for staff working irregular hours. This will be changed to a 52-week period to eliminate seasonal variations. It will also allow workers more flexibility in choosing when they take their holidays. This can be confusing for managers, but dynamic timesheets with easy-to-find payslips will make it easier.

How can you simplify compliance?

Your scheduling and leave management should be as transparent as possible. View and approve leave requests easily from your workforce management dashboard. To avoid conflicts on holidays, keep track of all time off booked. Manage the different leave entitlements of your team.

Make sure the tool has compliance safeguards. You will need to ensure that all timesheet and scheduling details are automatically captured so you can respond to employees and regulators.

Integrate your payroll. Integrate your payroll systems with your other tools to ensure that there is no confusion about payment or time off. The accuracy of Boxpark’s leave management system was improved after it integrated with its payroll. It helps to keep everything transparent.”

Lead better with better leave management

Management of leave can be difficult for managers and business owners as well as HR departments. Workforce management software can be beneficial.

With Deputy, it’s easy to create employee rotas and you won’t accidentally schedule someone who is on leave. You can also quickly find a replacement for someone who is absent by pressing a button.

To learn more about Deputy’s Leave Management Software , and how it can assist with holiday entitlements management, see Deputy’s . Sign up now for a trial of Deputy to get started in the modern workforce.


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