When we are good at something we do and care about doing it well, we often get caught up in cycles. It is not easy for us to abruptly stop working, especially if we have established proper work routines and schedules. If one has the appropriate training and loves what they accomplish, they are incredibly lucky. But not all of us are gifted that way. The single most overlooked key to productivity is a very simple one: taking a break. It is not humanly possible to work for long hours at a stretch, and it is easy to look up to people like Elon Musk, who claim to work 100 hours a week, and try and emulate them. But emulating them blindly blurs the line between work life and personal life. The balance would be lost, and the mental fatigue and exhaustion can make one lose sight of the path ahead into the future.

At present, especially in the era of the covid pandemic, the lines between work and personal lives have disappeared, with the whole work-from-home trend. It can take a severe toll on our focus and mental health. Many reports indicate that people are struggling to sit and watch a movie properly or sit through a single episode of a television show.

The Importance of Introspection

It cannot be denied that there is a desperate need to devise a thoughtful break in our routines. Even when planning a rest day, there is a lot of thought and planning that must go into it. But that needn’t be all business-like. The act of designing the rest day starts first with thorough introspection.

We must first ask ourselves some very important questions. We must first start with how we are feeling. Are we burnt out? Mentally tired? Emotionally drained? Or just plain old “tired”?

Then comes the needs. What do we need right now? Do we crave our favorite foods? Do we wish to visit our friends? Or straight out rest on the couch or go out and do our favorite activities?

Which activities drain us completely to the point of physical or mental exhaustion? What makes us feel all energetic and bouncy again? This varies from person to person, and what works for one probably won’t work for another. Being a couch potato for an entire day and binging a series might work for one, but a good, tranquil walk or run outside might do the trick for another. We all have a battery of sorts inside us, and we must note how much time we ideally have to refuel it. Balancing those scales is necessary.

One of the essential things to do is turn off or restrict our media consumption. There are a lot of studies that showcase the effectiveness of doing so. Trying to avoid content that preys on our dopamine would be highly beneficial.

The most touted advice b experts will be to put our phones in airplane mode if that is possible to avoid constant distractions, use a blue-light filter option or software to limit our eye strain, and lock our electronic devices away in another room. It doesn’t sound easy, but once one tries it, their mind begins to relax and calm down immediately. But then again, it differs from person to person. The key here is being honest with ourselves.

Planning Out the Rest Day: Step-by-Step

There are four steps to properly planning out the break day. Assume that we have an entire day off, which is 24 hours to fill.

Step One: Sleep past one’s normal routine. Worrying about disrupting the circadian rhythm is not necessary for the day. Putting one’s phone on airplane mode or switching it off entirely is recommended. This saves from those distracting and mind-numbing notifications that keep popping up. One should start their day at their own pace, roll about on the bed, and think about the day ahead and the pleasurable activities one could pursue.

Step Two: Now, this is where things get fun and interesting. We can give ourselves permission to eat and do whatever we want. Does one like sipping tea? One should go ahead and brew some. Ordering one’s favorite food is exciting too. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive, as we’re letting loose just this one day. We can allow ourselves to binge whatever series we’ve been putting off for a while.

Step Three: It is time to fill the day up with activities. Here too, one must introspect on the kind of pastimes they value. The activities can be separated into distinct categories: Active and Healthy, Turning the Brain Off, Unique Exploration, and Treating. Exercising has many benefits, the main one being the ability to relieve stress. It makes one feel more relaxed. In the second category, doing all sorts of things one wanted to do but had been putting off can be done, from a video game marathon to binging entire trilogies of movies, things that do not work the brain. All of us are gifted with different abilities and skills, and we all have unique hobbies and passions that we pursue. This is about following the simplest of pleasures, unique to us. It can be anything from writing, reading, baking, gardening, whatever. The fourth and final category is probably the most important. Nothing is more essential than treating ourselves and giving in to our deepest cravings. Treating ourselves to good food, a relaxing bath, or taking a trip to the spa can be anything we find most comfortable. We can go crazy with it and come up with all sorts of creative things.

Step Four: Having a perfect end to a perfect day. We can pursue whatever activity we find relaxing to attain closure for the day. This can encompass activities like aimless strolls, exploring new places, or simply lying about in bed, contemplating the day’s rejuvenation.

Another step can be added, which is extremely pivotal, which is to not worry about the next oncoming day. There is an inclination among most of us to start preparing for the next day in advance and planning our schedule, but it is highly recommended that one doesn’t do it. The day, in its entirety, should be a closed loop. After all, a day off is a day off, accounting for all of the twenty-four hours in it. Here at JobsPivot, we offer career opportunities from reputable firms spanning across different states in the singapore.JobsPivot effectively connects employers with the right talents.to find Flexible part time jobs in Singapore visit us.