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How to Draw a Shooting Star 

Draw a shooting star in just 6 straightforward steps! When you look into the dim sky, there are many wonderful views. A peek of the Milky Way, a complete moon, or an atmosphere complete with stars are just some of the pictures to visit. If you are quite lucky, you may even see a shooting star. This incredible phenomenon is so rare and special that it is common to make a wish if you are lucky enough to see it. It can be hard to get so lucky, so learning to draw a shooting star to make it your own can be a great alternative! At the end of this guide, you will have your shooting star to keep. We will appreciate it if you enjoy this step-by-step guide on drawing a shooting star that we have prepared for you. 3d drawing

How To Draw A Shooting Lead – Let’s Reach Stirred!

Step 1

Working through this focus on drawing a shooting principal, you’ll find something considerably easier if you have a monarch convenient to support you. With that in reason, we’ll start removing the principal’s top in this rather step. Using your majesty, draw two lines joined at a sharp point. Then add another line reaching out just catty-cornered from the floor of each. Once you have drawn these lines, you can draw others underneath, similar to the others. If this seems difficult or confusing, you should carefully follow the reference image as you draw!

Step 2 – Following, draw some more issues for the principal.

These two parts of your shooting star picture will follow a very similar process to the first stage, with the only peculiarity that it will be shown from a different angle. Utilizing your majesty, you can count one more punch to the left flank of the star, then add another issue to the base left. Again, you count other lines similar to those you just removed. You’ll be pleased with how it examines and willing to drag on to step 3!

Step 3: Complete the design of the shooting principal.

For part three of our focus on attracting a shooting principle, we’ll end with the remainder of the design of the star itself. Again, we’ll use a monarch to add another issue on the principal and then a few more lines relying on this new point to the earlier one. This will meet the star’s system, and in the next phases, we will count the trail it goes back as it flies across the atmosphere.

Step 4: Now, draw the trail of the shooting star.

As we mentioned in the final step of your principal shooting illustration, we’ll begin calculating how it goes in this location and the pursuit. To do this, you can put out your ruler because you won’t need it anymore. Instead, we’ll draw curved lines from nowadays on, which may need more tolerance and a steady hand! Begin by tensing a curved line down from the highest premium of the celeb to the left arm. Then open another much more extended line from the tip on the left flank. End by setting another line from the inverted spike on the left, then relating it with the last curved rope you drew.

Step 5: Finish your shooting star drawing.

Before adding a cooler to your illustration, we’ll add the final details in this step of our guide on how to draw a shooting star. To do this, we will add two more curved lines. These lines will both extend from the bottom two points of the star, and they will then connect to the tip formed from the two curved lines from the previous step. You’re ready for the final leg once you’ve drawn those trail lines; you’re ready for the final leg! You can also add your details before continuing. These could include twinkling star details in the background or even something fun and creative like an alien spaceship! These are just a few ideas you could try, but what else can you think of for this image?

Step 6 – Finish your shooting star drawing with some cooler.

This will take you to the last step of your shooting star drawing, and for this one, you’ll finish it with amazing colors! In our reference image, we’ve gone with different shades of yellow for the different sections of the shooting star. This helps give it a good glowing look! You can also use mediums to achieve the colors you desire. Cultured markers and acrylic can be great for bold, intense colors, but a more subtle approach would work just as well. It’s all up to you, so have fun expressing your creativity!

Your shooting star drawing is complete!

You’ve completed all the steps in our guide on drawing a shooting star, and now you end up with an amazing drawing because of it! Pictures like this can present unforeseen challenges even though they seem simple at first glance, so we’ll think this guide has made your job fun and easy. You can also continue to have fun by adding your touch to this design. We went through a few ideas for how to do this, and they included everything from adding extra detail to experimenting with colors and mediums. This is your drawing, so you can enjoy getting creative and adding your touches to it! This guide you completed is one of many we have for you on our website. This list of guides is updated frequently, so you should keep visiting to ensure you don’t miss anything!

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