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Ignition Interlock System California

Ignition Interlock System California

Ignition Interlock Devices have never been easier to use. Straightforward to use and inconspicuous, with simple breathing patterns that allow for rapid and easy alcohol testing. An easy-to-pass check will be conducted through blowing and humming exercises.

What is an IID, and how does it work?

There are several ignition interlock devices (IIDs), and the most common is a tiny portable automobile breathalyzer. Following a DUI conviction, several ignition interlock system in California mandate that a breathalyzer is installed.

An interlock device is an in-car breathalyzer that stops a user from starting a vehicle unless a breath alcohol test is performed beforehand. Devices that are referred to as “in-vehicle breathalyzers,” “car interlocks,” or “blow and go” are known as ignition interlock devices. These devices are available at low prices through Alcoalertinterlock, which has more than 1,200 handy locations around the country. Are you all set to begin the installation process? Make the call or enroll online immediately!

What is an ignition interlock device, and how does it work?

BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) values above the pre-set level will prevent a vehicle from starting. The car will start if the driver’s breath test results are below the predetermined limit. Regular maintenance and calibration of the interlock device are required at an authorized service location. According to state legislation, these appointments occur every 30, 60, or 90 days.

An ignition interlock device must be installed in a certain way

Your state’s legal criteria and the facts of your DWI/DUI/OWI arrest determine the ignition interlock device you get. Your interlock may include or not include a camera, real-time reporting, or other features. More than forty-five states have given Alcoalertinterlock the go-ahead to supply automobile ignition interlock devices.

Call alcoalertinterlock’s state-specific ignition interlock specialists to learn more about the unique device available in your state and breathalyzer to start a car. Your state’s regulations may also be found on alcoalertinterlock’s state requirements page.

When looking for an interlock supplier, there are three factors to consider:


Using our interlock system is as simple as it gets. There is a certain blow pattern required for taking a test. To record a successful test, blow into the gadget. A simple inhale-exhale sequence is all that is needed.


Alcoalertinterlock has assumed responsibility for the whole customer experience for hundreds of drivers and millions of kilometers. Our goal is to assist you in successfully finishing your interlock program by providing fast, accurate, and dependable services.

Sized discretely

Our interlock device is the smallest on the market, so you’ll need something compact and discrete.

The last word

Despite the many ignition interlock devices available in the United States, we believe the alcoalertinterlock ignition interlock is the most effective. We are proud of our innovation, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. For those who have obtained a DUI/DWI/OUI, we have considered their customer support and availability in every state to be desired.

Using the L250 and FC100 ignition interlock devices from Alcoalertinterlock is a breeze. They’ve demonstrated that their installation & removal processes are highly speedy, thanks to their many nationwide installation facilities.

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